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Baupläne / Architektur Hintergrund

Measured Surveys

A measured survey of a building involves taking measurements of the property, often with the aid of a laser disto in order to create accurate scale drawings. Such drawings typically include a floor plan, elevations and sections. 

When providing architectural services to a client, a measured survey will be one of the first steps in the process. An accurate measured survey and subsequent scale drawings will provide a foundation for all subsequent drawings including planning drawings, construction drawings and structural drawings. 

Sketch Proposals

The initial design phase is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and also the most important. We will interpret your brief while considering practicalities such as budget, structural feasibility and planning permission. This is where the project is steered to provide the greatest chance of success. 

During the initial design phase, we will listed to all your ideas and requirements and provide you with sketch proposals which are faithful to your brief and description. We will typically also provide alternative options to show different styles or layouts. It is then through a process of discussion and often further sketch studies that the designs agreed. As our client, you will be in full control of the process and we will continue to develop design ideas until you are completely satisfied with the final design.   


Conversions & Extensions

When instructed to assist with the design of your project, we listen to your ideas and work with you to unlock you vision for your property. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the house you live in becomes your dream home. We use the most up to date AutoCAD software to prepare planning drawings. We can also provide 3D visualisations to help with modelling the external appearance and internal space. 

We have worked with a number of local contractors and can recommend those that work to the highest workmanship standards while still providing good value. With projects sometimes involving period or  listed buildings it is important that builders have knowledge of the traditional skills and materials required for historic buildings. 

We will ensure the designed project can meet Building Regulations. These cover a number of areas from the size of a steel beam and it’s fire resistant covering to how much insulation is included within new walls and how new drainage must be dealt with. We keep a close eye on the quality of the finish and the finer details too, we know how important this it, not just to your enjoyment of the property but also to its value. 

Planning Permission

Does your project need planning permission? 

Planning legislation is key as it can often directly influence the size and design of a proposed building/extension. We can meet with the local planning authority as an early stage to discuss any potential problems with the site and ensure that there is a reasonable chance of gaining planning consent. We obtain planning consents of one-off residential dwellings, conversions and extensions. 

Do you need Listed Building Consent?

We can advise you on whether your building works require Listed Building Consent. We have experience working with Listed buildings and local Wealden Conservation Officers and can prepare detailed drawings and a Heritage Statement to support an application. 


Land Registry Plans

When first registering an estate or when transferring part of an already registered estate, it will be necessary to register with land with the Land Registry and a Land Registry compliant plan will be required to accompany the application. 

Typical situations where a Land Registry compliant plan may be required include:

  • Sale of a parcel of land belonging to your neighbour to enlarge your garden;
  • subdividing a plot of land to create a new dwelling;
  • If you wish to sell your property and discover that the land is not registered with the Land Registry;
The Land Registry sets out guidelines and requirements for a plan. In order for the application to be successful it is important that the plan be compliant. These include that the plan is shown to a set scale and that the portion of land is accurately shown with coloured edging. 

Lease Plans

A Lease Plan will need to be prepared and registered with Land Registry for a new lease with a term of 7 or more years. The Lease Plan must be to scale and clearly show the relevant areas of the property which form part of the demise.

For a Lease Plan to be compliant with the requirements of the Land Registry it must include the following:

  • Detailed floor plans at a scale of either 1:100 or 1:200
  • Coloured edging; red for the demise and blue for the common parts.
  • A location plan at a scale of 1:1250

Typical situations where a Land Registry Compliant Lease plan will be required include:

  • When a leasehold property is sold and there are 7 or more years remaining on the term.
  • The first time that a leasehold property is registered with the Land Registry.
  • When a lease is extended
  • If works are carried out which change the layout, for instance if part of the property were extended.