Valuation of Land

aerial views on the typical abstract countryside of the east of Terceira Island, one of the islands of the Açores (Azores) archipelago. Serra da Ribeirinha and The Miradouro da Serra do Cume offer great views on these abstract dairy cattle farming fields with stone walls, Portugal

We, at Lawrence & Taylor Chartered Surveyors undertake valuation of land associated with both agricultural and residential use and, if relevant, for mixed use purposes.

The development potential or ‘hope value’ of land will often have a significant bearing on it’s market value. Hope value can be subjective, the surveyors knowledge of planning will assist in accurate apportionment of hope value. We have a detailed knowledge of the property market in East Sussex and Kent which enables us to accurately value land for any given purpose and whether or not the land has planning permission for its intended use.

It is common for a property owner to want to improve their garden or curtilage by annexing a section of neighbouring land. This would of course require the agreement of the adjoining owner, but assuming they are willing to part with a portion of their land, what price should be paid for the land? This will depend on a number of factors including, to some extent, the amenity it would provide to the party purchasing the land. We have assisted in these cases by visiting the property, measuring the area involved, and providing an independent market value for the piece of land. This figure can then act as benchmark from which negotiations can take place.