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Commercial Building Surveys

We specialise in building surveys of small to medium-size commercial buildings, particularly older properties.  A Commercial Building Survey is recommended when you are purchasing the property Freehold.  A Building Survey is a detailed report involving inspection of the various parts of the building, including a close examination of the structure and will include a visual examination of the services.  The report will provide advice as to the nature and quality of the construction and the current condition.  Defects such as damp or structural failure will be highlighted as part of a diagnostic assessment and recommendations will be given for any repairs deemed necessary.  A Commercial Building Survey will allow you to understand the building and any expenditure required in the short and medium-term.  This may allow you to negotiate a purchase price accordingly.

When taking instructions for a Commercial Building Survey, we would first discuss your particular circumstances and requirements and also to understand your proposals for the property.  If you are planning to extend or alter the property once the sale goes through, you may also want us to include preliminary advice or feasibility reports. 

If you are proposing to purchase a commercial property and need advice with recommendations in respect of the condition of the commercial building, please contact us today for a quotation.

If advice is required in relation to a particular defect, for example a leaking roof, we can undertake a detailed assessment and assessment in the format of a specific Defect Inspection.

Schedules of Condition for Commercial Properties

When considering a new lease for a commercial property, it is important for a prospective tenant to understand that, depending upon the terms of a Lease, a Landlord can seek to make a claim at the end of a lease for items of despair for unauthorised alteration.  This can also include items of disrepair that may have existed before the lease is taken.  This is known as a Dilapidations Claim and can run into thousands of pounds at a time when your business may need capital and time to focus on new premises.  It is common for a lease to include a clause that requires the building be handed back in no better condition than when it was taken on.  But without having a Schedule of Condition in place, it can prove very difficult to prove the condition of the premises at lease commencement.

A Schedule of Condition for a commercial building is not designed to act as a diagnostic report and does not include analysis of defects, instead it sets out the condition of the building, element by element, area by area, and is accompanied by comprehensive photographs and acts as a benchmark of the condition at the time the lease is taken.  It would usually be possible to have a Schedule of Condition appended to the Lease. 

We would always recommend that before agreeing to a lease, a prospective tenant should have a Schedule of Condition prepared in order to limit and resolve issues of liability of alleged disrepair or alterations at the end of the Lease.

If you are proposing to purchase or enter into a Lease and need advice and recommendations in respect of the condition of a commercial building, please contact us today for a quotation.