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Staircasing and Help to Buy Valuations


The importance of an accurate Help to Buy Valuation when staircasing Home owners with a Help to Buy: Equity Loan with Target HCA will often consider repayment of their loan after five years, this being the point at which interest becomes payable on the loan at 1.75%. With house prices in much of the south [...]

Staircasing and Help to Buy Valuations2019-05-05T22:25:18+01:00

Building Survey vs. Homebuyers report


    A common question that we are asked by buyers is: “what is the difference between a Building Survey and a Homebuyers report?” As a purchaser you may have decided that you need a pre-purchase survey but with all the different types of survey on offer, which is the right one for you? What [...]

Building Survey vs. Homebuyers report2019-05-05T22:45:54+01:00

Moving House Checklist


Moving house is often an exciting yet stressful time; take a look at our moving house checklist to ensure you are organised and ready for the big day. 2 months before moving house Find an RICS chartered surveyor - such as Lawrence & Taylor - to conduct your home survey. Check whether your insurance [...]

Moving House Checklist2019-03-02T22:06:45+00:00

Reinstatement Cost Assessment


A Reinstatement Cost Assessment undertaken by a professional building surveyor ensures that a property owner pays the correct level of insurance on the property. It is a detailed assessment of all that is to be insured and is based on the amount that would need to be paid to completely rebuild and reinstate the insured [...]

Reinstatement Cost Assessment2018-10-02T14:32:30+01:00

Japanese Knotweed


Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a non-native plant in the UK which can cause damage to properties and spreads easily. As a result it can impact on the buying and selling property process and there are strict requirements governing its removal. This hardy plant can cause extensive damage to property such as walls, drains, driveways [...]

Japanese Knotweed2018-05-09T11:31:57+01:00

Party Walls & Party Wall Disputes


How to Approach Shared Party Walls Many properties in the UK share a ?party wall? with a neighbour, and property owners who are planning to undertake work to the shared party wall may have to adhere to the procedure outlined in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. What is the Party Wall etc. Act 1996? [...]

Party Walls & Party Wall Disputes2018-05-09T11:26:38+01:00

Help To Buy Valuation


Help To Buy Valuation If you purchased your home under the UK government?s Help To Buy scheme, you will need to get a Help To Buy Valuation if you wish to sell your home or purchase a greater share of it (depending on the type of loan). The UK government?s Help to Buy scheme can [...]

Help To Buy Valuation2018-03-21T09:32:23+00:00

Damp: Identifying & Treating the Key Types of Household Damp


Anyone familiar with property programmes on TV will no doubt have heard of damp in the home, and it is a common issue that crops up in building surveys. However, if correctly identified and treated damp can be removed and, ideally, prevented. The three most common types of damp are condensation, rising damp and penetrating [...]

Damp: Identifying & Treating the Key Types of Household Damp2018-02-14T13:25:34+00:00

What to Consider when Extending your Home


Extending Your Home Extending your home can be an exciting opportunity to increase living space and better utilise your property. It can also be a significant project that is lengthy and costly. Whether you are looking to add value to your property or to create a better functioning space to suit your needs, there are [...]

What to Consider when Extending your Home2018-01-03T13:56:55+00:00

Inspiration: Barn Conversion


Rushmore Farm, Upton: Barn Conversion Project Value: ?1.4million Designed by Studio Four, this project won the RICS 2016 South East Residential Project of the Year.? The project involved conversion of an agricultural barn which sits within an area of outstanding natural beauty. Planning permission was obtained to convert the existing agricultural barn into a dwelling, [...]

Inspiration: Barn Conversion2019-06-10T19:01:59+01:00